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Custom welcome emails for paidlistings plans for an online course?

Jonathan Roseland

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I'm going to the Stripe add-on package so I can sell courses on my website. I'd have them register, sign up for paid plan (I'd offer a pay upfront plan and two-payment subscription plan), and that would give them access to view a category of articles with the course content.

The paid listing type will just be for a student profile, it won't need to have many listing fields. I just need a username and email. Can I remove the listing summary and description as a required field from the registration form for the student listing? The less fields and steps the students have to complete the better my conversion rate will be.

The main thing I need a little direction with is creating a few custom emails that would go out to the customers when....

  1. They register (create listing) for the course (I'd create a special listing registration page for this)
  2. When they pay for the listing (I'd like this to send them an onboarding email with a few instructions and links to course curriculum) 
  3. Reminder to make that second payment if the automatic payment fails.

I'd also like the payment completion to send them directly to the course content URL on my website.

I also might like the option to cut off their access to the course content IF they don't make that second payment after a month. Is there a way to do that?

Is there are way to automatically put users in different Joomla user group when they submit the add listing form?

Are JReviews Paidlistings plans a total misfit for offering a course on my website? Or does this seem workable? I know there are some Joomla ecommerce course extensions out there but I'm really trying to avoid adding more components to my website.

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