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Lots of niggling problems with template ...

John Dawson

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I'm fast realising that unlike ireviews, vivaz is not a template for those who aren't medium-advanced users.  I'm having all sorts of niggling problems, including:

1. Unless I have the primary color set to blue all hyperlinks become invisible as they default to the standard text colour (black).  I can;t see an easy way to set hyperlinks to be a different color.

2. The background colouring of drop down menus is very weird.  I mean it looks great on the demo site, but on my site under some colour schemes the latest selected menu option is not visible to users and it is really hard to find a colour scheme where when you hover over or select a drop down menu option it is actually easy to read what is shown.  I have (as a work around) had to remove all of the drop down menus from my website which isn't ideal.  Because of the issue 1 above, I am also locked into my primary color being blue, not default or any other colour.

3. All of the modules I have in position-5 don't appear on my mobile phone, and I can't figure out why.  I find the instructions that are provided with vivaz very hard to understand unless you have a high level knowledge of whatever bootstrap V5 and css is.

4. I have my main menu in the topbar position, but for some reason it won't convert into a hamburger menu option in the mobile view, which the instructions seem to suggest it should, and I can't find the setting to get that to work.

5. When I add the social icon to the topbar, it uses a lot of space (it puts it above the icon and menu rather than beside it ) - this leads to a much longer topbar than I would like.


If I hadn't paid $US40 for this template so I can use it with my jreviews website I probably would just walk from this template as too complex for an average user, but curious to know if I am the only one having these problems? 



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