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Category h1 page headings disappear when I save a menu item after migration from J3 to J4

Steven Koontz
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I just did a migration from J3 to J4. On J3 my category and listing titles were fine. They all looked like this:

  • Category page showed category title in heading with h1 tag
  • Listing page showed listing title in heading with h1 tag

Following the migration I noticed that some of my categories were showing the category title along with the article title on the listings detail pages, both with h1 tags. I started messing around with the Joomla category settings and menu item options and "solved" it by hiding the page heading in the Page Display tab of the menu items. However, then I noticed that hiding the page heading was now stripping out my category h1 heading on the category listings page. Here are visual examples of before and after:








I now have a hodepodge on the site of some categories showing correctly, and some showing incorrectly. I can "ruin" any of the correct categories by simply saving the menu item, even if no changes are made. Below are category and listing examples of incorrect and correct categories. I'd say I'm about 50/50 over all the categories between "right" and "wrong":


Category: coinvalues.com/jefferson-nickel Category title h1 heading missing

Listing: coinvalues.com/jefferson-nickel/1942 OK



Category: coinvalues.com/morgan-silver-dollar 

Listing: coinvalues.com/morgan-silver-dollar/1878


Note that I can "ruin" the correct Morgan Silver Dollar category by simply entering the menu item and saving it, even if I don't change any parameters!

My menu items are set to hide Page Heading. If I activate it, I end up with the category title showing in the listing detail page as shown in the fourth and last screenshot above.

I have tried all kinds of things: re-saving jReviews SEF plugin, messing with article, category and menu options, messing with jReviews Category & Listing Types SEO manager. I can't figure out what is going on. I just want things to be as they were before:

  • Category pages show category title with h1 heading
  • Listing detail pages show only listing title with h1 heading

I remember I ran into something similar with a previous upgrade and can't remember how I fixed it and I can't find the info in my support tickets or in the forum. It must be something simple that I am missing somewhere in Joomla or jReviews config, or maybe my jReviews SEF plugin is messed up.

Thank you,

Steve K.

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