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JReviews v4.2.5 released and other updates


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The latest batch of updates for JReviews and add-ons has now been released and you can update your site through the JReviews App Store. You can find the complete details in the changelogs  and continue reading below for the highlights.

  • JReviews v4.2.5 released. Several bug fixes and a potential security fix with an updated version of jQuery UI. Previous versions of JReviews are using an older version of jQuery UI that was flagged for several security vulnerabilties. The exploits are functionality-specific, and at first sight, it doesn't look like the way JReviews uses the library makes it vulnerable to any of them. However, to be on the safe side, this update now ships with the latest version of the library and it's recommended that you update it as soon as possible.
  • GeoMaps / MapsPro. A previous SEO improvement change broke other things in both infowindow and map sidebar, like showing custom fields, and this is now fixed with the latest update.
  • PaidListings. If you are using the addon with PayPal this is a very important update to fix an error with the PayPal IPN requests failing if you are using PHP 8.
  • ListingResources. Fixed external link redirects not working on some environments.
  • MyLists. User avatars missing in list detail pages, where it shows which user created the list.
  • CommunityBuilder. Important refactor to support the latest version of CommunityBuilder.
  • Import. Fixed errors with Maria DB v10.6.0+.

I continue working on the JReviews admin re-write and have made good progress. You can follow the updates in the JReviews Twitter account.

Documentation updates:

Some recent posts from the JReviews blog:

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