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JReviews v4.2.3 released and other updates


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I've been busy as usual here at JReviews HQ and the first batch of updates have been released:

  • JReviews v4.2.3 released. I received several bug reports for JReviews 4 and these have now been fixed.
  • GeoMaps and MapsPro addon update to fix Google indexing issue. The update include changes to stop Google from indexing links and images within Javascript templates.
  • Related reviews detail page widget has a new option. The new option allows showing reviews from other listings that share the same listing owner. For example, a person has a business listing, and the same listing owner has other listings. With this widget, the business reviews can be shown in the other listings submitted by this person.

I posted a Twitter thread showing off something I started working on to rebuild the JReviews administration. If you are curious this is the link to the Twitter post. Often times I just post quick updates there in case you want to follow the account.

In case you missed it, JReviews now has support for:

  • Cloudflare Turnsile, a privacy-focused captcha alternative to Google recaptcha
  • WebP thumbnails, saving a ton of space with smaller image files, and improving page loading time performance.
  • Google Analytics V4 as a service provider in the Dashboard Addon. I prefer Fathom Analytics, but historically have tried to offer choice whenever possible.

Some recent posts from the JReviews blog:

And that's a wrap!



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