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JReviews 4.2.0 released with WebP image support.


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This late-in-the week release includes a somewhat popular request to support the WebP image format.

WebP provides substantial savings in file size over jpeg, png and gif images without loss of quality which in turn will have a positive impact on page loading times.

JReviews will be able to automatically convert the original uploaded image to WebP or to only use WebP for the generated thumbnails. There are new settings for this in Media Settings / Display Settings / Image Format.

When enabled, JReviews will automatically start converting all existing images as they are loaded on site visits. If you convert the original images, you will not be able to revert back to the previous format because it will be replaced, so keep that in mind when testing this feature. It is labeled as experimental because more testing is needed before the label can be removed.

The update also includes some improvements to review discussion moderation allowing you to delete posts from the moderation queue and add admin notes.

Have a great weekend!

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