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Questions about update / Release note JReviews3->4

Hans F.
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I am currently testing the upgrade from JReviews 3 to 4. So far, everything seems to work pretty smoothly. Thank you very (very, very!) much for not introducing breaking changes.

I have two questions about the release notes ( https://www.jreviews.com/docs/jreviews-4-release-notes ). I am using Joomla.

1) Overrides directories

In section "Templating" the release notes state:


Whereas in JReviews 3 the themes are located within JReviews in the /jreviews/views directory. In JReviews 4, the templates are located within the /resources/views and the same applies for Add-ons.

I don't know what is meant here. In JReviews 3 my template customizations were in ../templates/jreviews_overrides/views/themes/mycustomtheme/ - and this still seems to work with JReviews 4. Are you talking about the components folder here? If yes, why is this important (as I should not change anything in components folder directly though)?


2) Installation

In section "Installation" the release notes state:


Uninstall both S2Framework and JReviews from your site.

What exactly should be uninstalled when it comes to JReviews. I uninstalled everything (including the modules) and after installing JReviews 4 again, all the (joomla) modules I had (for example JReviews listings modules) are gone (and I have to setup them again). Of course this is ok (so I have to document beforehand which (jreviews) modules I have with which parameters), but it would be nice if I just could keep them.



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