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JReviews 4.1.5 is out: Joomla 4 Smart Search Support and new REST API Add-on!


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A new JReviews update is out with PHP 8.1 fixes, SEO improvements and bug fixes.

Joomla 4 Smart Search Support

The most notable addition comes for Joomla 4 sites with the new JReviews Smart Search plugin that nicely complements the Joomla core. JReviews listing custom fields content is pushed to the article index so users can perform keyword searches for content that is only stored in custom fields and get results via smart search. Also, if the article doesn't have an intro image associated, then the JReviews main image will also be added as the article image in the index.

New REST API Add-on - JReviews 4 required

I polled the Twitter audience a while back about the interest in having an API for JReviews. The number of responses was not that great, but everyone that did reply demonstrated interested.

So what did I do?  I went ahead built it anyway. After many months of work I am happy to finally be able to release the API Add-on.

The Add-on is included in the Professional plan, and it's a paid option for the Standard plan. If you are on the Legacy plan you would need to update to the Standard or Professional plan to gain access. As a reminder, the Legacy plan was introduced together with the other plans so existing clients at the time (many years ago) could benefit from lower renewal prices, and that continues to be true today. However, this also came with the limitation that add-ons released after the introduction of the different plans would only be available for Standard, Professional and Development plans.

Read the API Add-on documentation where you'll even find a live demo and source code for a directory app.


Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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