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JReviews v3 end of life September 30, 2022


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Please mark your calendar! The JReviews 3 end of life is September 30, 2022. That means:

  • JReviews 3 is now in maintenance mode and will only receive bug fixes until September 30, 2022. This also includes all add-on versions that are specific to JReviews 3. That means all add-ons that currently have JReviews 3 and 4 versions will no longer be maintained after September 30, 2022.
  • Active development of new features is only for JReviews 4.

When JReviews 4 stable was announced and released back in April, I also announced the end of life of JReviews 3 via forum post and newsletter.

While JReviews 4 does have a lot of changes under the hood with the introduction of a new, parallel, routing system and framework, I purposely made as few changes as possible to make the transition from v3 to v4 seamless. In the large majority of cases you can continue to use all of your existing customizations, if any, with little or no changes.

I recommend doing the upgrade as soon as possible, preferably on a development site.

Make sure you read the release notes for JReviews 4  https://www.jreviews.com/docs/jreviews-4-release-notes



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