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User group does not have access to submit profile


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Hi Alejandro,

joomla 3.10.4
Jreviews 3.12.4
userprofiles 2.7.9
paidlistings 3.8.8

For some reason one user group with separate categories and listing types cannot access the userprofiles manage page create profile url or the joomla/jreviews menu item to submit a profile but all users can access and submit a profile listing type from the category page they have access to.

Set up has two parent categories:
1. is for regular members joomla group with a single parent category and listing type - this group can access to submit a profile from the userprofiles manage page and joomla/jreviews menu item. No problem.

2. is for business members joomla group with one parent and multiple subcategories and different listing types for each sub cat - this group cannot access the userprofiles manage page create profile link or joomla/jreviews menu item but can from the category page submit button.

There seems to be a conflict with this link and menu item in the userprofiles manage page where it cannot recognize more then one joomla user group (profile_missing.thtml and userprofiles_accounts_controller.php)

Listing types and paid plans are set correctly for the user groups access.

There are no errors or warnings. Tried registering new user with activation completed through email as normal and with admin activation. Overrides on or off same result.

I don't have the additional business user group/cats/listing-types on the live site yet for access.


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