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Vivaz Joomla 4 template coming soon!


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Written from the ground up for Joomla 4, Vivaz is clean and elegant and can be used for all types of websites.


  • Clean and elegant design.
  • Choose your primary color, light or dark mode.
  • Primary and secondary sidebars.
  • Customizable maximum width, and sidebar widths. 
  • Apply a different color scheme to different sections.
  • Assign background images to specific sections and menus.
  • Automatically (or manually) add backdrops to modules in sections with different color schemes or background images.
  • Enable the mobile menu, slideout or offcanvas, and choose any menus you want to show there, and even assign modules to top and bottom positions/
  • No external CSS or scripts loaded, using only Bootstrap scripts shipped with Joomla drop dropdowns and mobile menu .
  • When using Google Fonts, these are downloaded directly to your server and you can choose any Google Font.
  • Easily add any social media icon without the need for customizations.

VIvaz will be automatically included in all JReviews Professional and developer licenses.

Clients that purchased or renewed their iReview subscription recently can request a discount coupon with the discount varying depending on purchase/renewal date. Will try to figure out the details for this before release.

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