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JReviews 4.0.3 Alpha released with a brand new Dashboard Add-on


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JReviews 4.0.3 is out! It fixes a few installation errors and also contains other fixes and improvements.

I am also excited to announce the release of the new Dashboard Add-on. Dashboard gives listing owners a central place to view historical statistics for their listings.  It relies on Fathom Analytics to collect statistics. Fathom is privacy-focused and has a flexible, easy to use API.


The Add-on is affiliate-ware. You get it free and we rely on a commission from Fathom Analytics to fund its maintenance and development. Use our Fathom Analytics affiliate link to go check it out. You also get a $10 discount towards your first invoice with Fathom. 

Fathom is a breath of fresh air compared to Google Analytics (I've already switched), not only because it's interface is so clean and straightforward, but also because it has an extremely easy to use API that allows building this Add-on, and it's better performance-wise. Since it's privacy focused, depending on what other things you do on your website, you could also get rid of those pesky cookie popups for collecting personally identifiable information that is not essential to the functionality of the site.

In case you missed it, the Events Calendar Add-on is also available for JReviews 4 and it's free! You can see a live demo




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