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JReviews v4 Alpha is out!


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I am happy to announce that the first alpha version of JReviews 4 has been released.  If you want to learn more about JReviews 4 read The Next Evolution of JReviews.

I published some release notes on Github which go into detail about implementation changes for certain development functionality both for my own sake and for those making customizations to JReviews.

As mentioned in the blog post, the most important change is about routing so new developments can use the new parallel framework. So you really won't see much of a difference when you install it. At this time only the MyLists Add-on and the new Events Calendar Add-on make use of the new parallel framework.

Testing JReviews 4

If you want to test JReviews 4 Alpha that would be very much appreciated it and you can download it from the client area.

  • Deploy a new development site.
  • Uninstall both S2Framework and JReviews from your site. This will just get rid of the files, not the data stored in the database nor media files. For now, given the limited number of changes in JReviews you can continue using your existing JReviews 3 customizations for JReviews and most add-ons (except MyLists).
  • Update MyLists, Import and RapidLauncher Add-ons if you already have them installed.
  • Install the new and free Events Calendar Add-on and take it for a spin! 
  • There's a new forum for JReviews 4 general discussion during the alpha, beta stages.

Remember that JReviews 4 is still a work in progress so the code is not set in stone and is likely to change. I would advise against trying to make customizations for any JReviews 4 specific implementations at this time, unless it's just for testing purposes. And in that case you can follow the release notes and changelog on Github.

You can see some short videos for the events calendar add-on here:

And here:



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