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Geomaps and MapsPro updated for Google Maps APIs Compliance


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This week I received a support ticket from a client that was contacted by Google, out of the blue, letting him know that his use of Google Maps services was not in compliance with the Google Maps API TOS and unless changes were made, access to the API would be restricted. Below the full email:


The exact issue here is that Google, which seems to have a lot of time on their hands, didn't like the implementation of the proximity search suggestions dropdown, which is custom and there's no mention of Google in the results. To correct this, the updated versions of both GeoMaps and MapsPro (when using the Google front-end geocoder) now include proper attribution as seen in the image below:


If you'd rather not show Google's brand there, you can switch to a different map and geocoding provider if you are using the MapsPro Add-on. The GeoMaps Add-on doesn't offer this option because it runs entirely on Google Maps API.


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