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Happy Friday! And new releases


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JReviews 3.9.0 is out, in addition to maintenance updates for several add-ons.

JReviews and all Add-ons should now be fully compatible with PHP 8. If you find any issues, please report via ticket.

JReviews 3.9.0 has several new hooks available:

- field_output:{name}

- template_listings.{page}:after-title

- template_listings.detail_tabs:split-field-groups

You can find more information about these in the Hooks directory page in the documentation which now includes a nice section index at the top.

My favorite of the above hooks is field_output:{name}. When you are writing customizations for many custom fields and can quickly become difficult to manage. Now you can do the same using filters and keep it all nearly organized, with the added benefit of being able to disable the hooks for troubleshooting.

With a little creativity hooks allow you to do things that would otherwise be very difficult. For example, replacing the field group titles with custom HTML in the listing form. Here's an example 


Have a great weekend!


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