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Custom fields on mapspro sidebar conditional display


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I have followed the instructions found here: https://www.jreviews.com/docs/mapspro/customizations for inserting custom fields into the sidebar cards on my MapsPro pages. I have replaced line 72 on the map-json.thtml (both on core and override just to be sure) with the exact example given. I have also replaced the custom fields display with the custom field example given, replacing only the field name. I have found that, if the field being called is a is already listed in the maps pro configuration custom fields list, it displays just fine. However, it must be added to that config field to work. While this does work if  want to customize the layout of each field, I am stuck on how to write a conditional display. I am trying to find a way to add an availability banner on each listing tile on the sidebar that will display if the field value for "jr_availabilitystatus" is equal to "available-now". Any ideas?

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