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How to show larger EasySocial avatar in listings?


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Just wondering, is there a setting in JReviews or EasySocial that would let me use a larger image for the EasySocial Avatar in JReviews listings?

I know that there are several sizes that can be used, but I've been testing with a normal JReviews listing that has an image allocated as the EasySocial Profile Picture (avatar) and the smaller image size is allocated for the avatar profile pic. I thought there might be a setting somewhere that would allow the larger image, but can't seem to find one.


In my travels, I found the following file and code


public function avatar($entry, $options = []) { $defaults = [ 'return_url' => false, 'class' => '', 'text_avatar' => true, 'profile_link' => true, ]; $options = array_replace_recursive($defaults, $options); $options['class'] = 'jrAvatar '.$options['class']; $avatarKey = Sanitize::getBool($options, 'large') ? 'avatar_lg_path' : 'avatar_path'; $avatarPath = null; if ( isset($entry['Community']) && !empty($entry['Community']['avatar_path']) ) { if ( Sanitize::getBool($options, 'large') && Sanitize::getString($entry['Community'], 'avatar_lg_path') != '' ) { $avatarPath = $entry['Community']['avatar_lg_path']; } elseif ( Sanitize::getString($entry['Community'], 'avatar_path') != '' ) { $avatarPath = $entry['Community']['avatar_path']; } }

I've used xdebug to step through it and it seems to set the larger image with

$avatarPath = $entry['Community']['avatar_lg_path'];

but then community.php gets triggerered a second time and sets the smaller image

$avatarPath = $entry['Community']['avatar_path'];


The first time was triggered from html/components/com_jreviews/jreviews/views/themes/default/listings/detail_header.thtml with the following code

if ( !isset($avatarImg) ) { $avatarImg = $showAuthor ? $Community->avatarLarge($listing, ['class' => '', 'text_avatar' => false]) : false; }

The 2nd time, the below code from  html/components/com_jreviews/jreviews/views/themes/default/listings/detail_header.thtml seems to be the trigger

<span class="jrListingAuthor"><?php echo $Community->avatar($listing) . $Community->screenName($listing,true,true);?></span>

At least, that is what seems to be going on. Anyway regardless, I can't seem to work out where it is getting the options from to decide which sized image to use as the avatar.

Any help would be much appreciated ?





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