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How to change field group titles for different listing types

Melanie Brummell

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Melanie Brummell


I have an address field group containing country, state, city and call the field group Location.

I want to re-use the same address fields for submitting listings but for different purposes in different listing types. For example I have a listing type where the address fields need to specify the location of say a property, and another listing type where the address field might be the customer's address.

In listing types language file we can change the field labels to suit the listing type. Is it possible to do the same for the field group titles so i can make them relevant to the listing type as specified above? 

If that can't be done, is there any way i can re-use the same address fields to create address field inputs in different field group? I can see banner field but that doesn't allow for inputs.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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