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iOS difficulty accessing Joomla back-end drop down menus

P Gales

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Hope everyone is safe and well during this time. This is not a jReviews issue so forgive me if I'm breaking any forum rules.

This about a minor but persistent irritation that I only notice when accessing drop-down menus in the joomla back-end, and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this.

When using my iPad pro ist gen using ios14/13/12 etc., I cannot scroll down past what is already visible.  It is the most frustrating thing and prevents me from using my iPad as a standalone device.    See: https://d.pr/v/9Aov7W

Perhaps there is some technique that I'm not using to scroll, but I think I've mastered scrolling with my finger on an iPad.  Works everywhere else but it seems to always stop me when I'm in the Joomla backend.

Curious to know if anyone else has experienced this problem?

Thanks for your attention.


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