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Advice on AltaUsingPoints

P Gales

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Hi there,

I've seen that several of you have experience with using the now AltaUserPoints with a jReviews site and I'm curious how it works with JReviews.

1. I would like to reward users for site-wide actions not just for jReviews and I'm curious if I need to use the jReviews User Profile add on, or does the Joomla profile work just as well.

2. Is this easy to setup for a non-developer?  The documentation says 2016 and when I click on it seems to be rather code-heavy; not configurable by toggling buttons etc.

3. How is the support if any?

4. Are there other alternatives?  I see that jomsocial and easySocial have a rewards/points functionality but using either seems to add a lot of functionality that I don't need for my site.

I'll appreciate reading about your experience and advice with this extension.



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