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Developer needed for large scale database

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Looking for a developer for large-scale environmental website that will likely be developed in stages. There are envisioned 8 different Directories and links to JomSocial. Perhaps a link out to a Crowndfunding Joomla template. The site will be geared to academics, researchers and activists, but also services for the public (open access site, registration required). The largest database of environmental concepts has 20 million records (e.g. a listing of over 500,000 climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation measures. A Bibliographic module/Directory has has about 330,000 entries. These are currently spread over several Access databases. A little coding may be needed to generate an fixed accession number that acts as a persistent identifier for each record (in addition to internal index). All entry needs to be moderated (with moderator groups) and ownership of each record logged, with option to remain anonymous, but identity logged in in the background. Not interested in the review function, but want to enable discussions with either JReview internal function, or with a 3rd party plug-in. 

I am not a programmer. Manuals just make me sleepy. The updated JReview videos are very good and appreciated, but they are too rapid to follow along with my unsavvy brain. I have not installed JReviews yet on my provider, and have been playing around with it on a desktop installation. I could contemplate changing providers. This is a personal initiative, so I can't afford corporate prices, and thus will roll it out in pieces. Concepts database is the priority.

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