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Contact form module for ireview template or contact addon


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Contact form module for ireview and jreviews or contact addon using jreviews custom fields? There are modules in the j extensions directory that have some nice features for this but they are not, jreviews quality and support.

Would be nice to have something that is;

based on jreviews and the ireview template/theme css classes and markup to match or ability to work off of existing template styling

able to send contact to multiple email addresses from the same module  

and ability to add additional custom fields for text, textarea, single select, multi select, checkboxes, radio buttons, url, email, and date. Validation, policy agreement checkbox, spam captcha.

Example, have a customizable select list in the contact form as the email subject field ie,
//select -reason for contact-//

The subject choice above would dictate which email recipient would get the sent message at their address,
feedback@mydomain etc...

Contact form fields for date, checkboxes, and radio could be used to pass info such as date of purchase, item type or package to aid with support inquiries.

RSContact is a nifty module. Been experimenting with it some before looking at buying something.

Tried the joomla contacts component, never did like it since it came out. Most third-party templates don't really address the contact component for styling and the contact form is limited without ability to add extra fields if needed. Contact component has selection for which template to use but the only selection is beez template not ireview or others.

Food for thought...


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