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Super User - Override Field "Required" Setting

Rik Brown

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It would be nice to have a setting that would allow any Super User to not be restricted by the "Required" settings in the "Basic Setup" area for each field when editing a listing.

That requirement is basically used so that users submit a complete address that can be geolocated.

But I also import tens of thousands of already geolocated locations that do not have all parts of the address fields. I might have a listing with a street address but missing the city or I have the city and am missing the street address, etc. But everything I import and which is on our site does have geo-coordinates. So those listings work fine for radius searches.

So it would be nice if the super user wouldn't be restricted when editing so that I can update missing pieces of information on the fly, even if I don't have all of the location information available at the time.

For now, I'm going to change those "Required" settings to "No" since I'm the one it affects the most (I created 99.9% of our listings by importation). I'll see how that works.

But it would be nice to have such a super-user override setting....

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