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Assign Listings to Specific User when submitting to Specified Category


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I have a listing category where it's ideal for new listings to go to a specific member, but want all other categories to keep the original author. Utilizing listing_save_pre this can be accomplished:

function assign_user($data, $params)
  // Check category id
  if ( $data['Listing']['catid'] == 6 ) {
    	$data['Listing']['created_by'] = 5; // assign listings created in catid 6 to user #5
  return $data;
Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('listing_save_pre', 'assign_user', 10);

Other listing variables can be used for condition(s) to check and assign: https://www.jreviews.com/docs/theme-resources/discover-data-available-in-templates#listing-variables

Just be sure to use dd($data) and properly map out the arrays given slight differences in listing variables to $data[] array. Always test before actually saving the data which is another huge benefit of the dd() function. Reviews also have their own save pre, hence it's possible to do the same for reviews.

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