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⚠️ Critical updates and new docs


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JReviews 3.7.4 Critical Update

This update fixes two critical security issues. Update as soon as possible to keep your site secure.

You need an active subscription to use the JReviews App Store to perform the update, or download the package from the Client Area.

There's more in this update:

  • Description field for directories to improve directory page SEO.
  • Directory page action hook lets you add content after each directory. For example, to show the latest listings in the directory.
  • Date custom field "First day of the week" setting to choose Monday or Sunday.
  • Support for Amazon S3 China regions.
  • Refactored all the `*_form_bottom` filter hooks into the new action hooks.
  • So many bug fixes and improvements. Check the complete changelog.

PaidListings 3.8.2

The most recent update fixed an important bug preventing order completion when using the offline payment handler. Update to ensure those orders keep coming through.

For Joomla users, there's also a new AltaUserPoints payment handler that allows using points as currency. This pairs great with the recently released (free) AltaUserPoints Add-on

In case you didn't know, points payment handlers are also available for EasySocial and JomSocial points.

Did you know?

The new JReviews documentation is done! Well, who I am kidding, it's never going to be done, but it looks amazing and there's already a lot of good information there.

It's got a new search functionality which I think is a great improvement.

There's a whole new video tutorial series for the initial setup. This is a great resource when you start your next JReviews site; if you need to add a new directory on your existing site; or if you forgot how you did it way back when.

Below some useful links:

That’s all for now!

Stay safe,


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