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Wishlist: Additional ElasticSearch integration - proximity searches

Rik Brown

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We've got over 1.5 million JReviews rows in our jreviews_content table and by using the free Elastic Search indexer (in combination with the Geek ElasticSearch component) we can get virtually instantaneous searches (think: Google speed) on our JReviews content. I imagine that with Elastic Search one can easily boost JReviews content to many millions of rows.

Although Geek ElasticSearch treats JReviews as Joomla articles it does recognize JReviews custom fields. I don't know if they have done that on their own or in conjunction with ClickFWD. They even have an option to search content based on geocoordinates.

But what would be extra nice is...

If JReviews could also use the ElasticSearch indexer's ability to work with geocoordinates for internal proximity searches (such as we do with banners)!

That would really make JReviews' internal proximity searches super fast, too.

Anyway, my two cents. -- Rik

PS - Alejandro: Thanks again for your super quick help with my support issue today (on a Sunday, too)!

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