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JReviews 3.7 and Add-on updates released!


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Hi there!

I just released a bunch of updates! JReviews 3.7.1 is not a new major version, but I am changing the versioning scheme from 4 numbers to 3 and the first version with this numbering system will be 3.7.1. The same applies to the Add-ons, but there are a few that don't have any changes in this release so those will also receive version changes when they are updated.

This release has important changes related to how dates, and date logic is handled in both database queries and PHP.

If you have overrides for the everywhere_com_content.php model, or listings_helper.php, you must update those files. There are many more files that changed, and these are all listed in the changelogs, but from what I have seen on client sites, these are the most frequently changed, other than theme overrides.

New Community Add-ons for Joomla

All community integration code is now in Add-ons. There are new, FREE, Add-ons for:

  • EasySocial
  • JomSocial
  • CommunityBuilder
  • Kunena
  • AltaUserPoints

The funcitonality for CommunityBuilder and Kunena remains exactly the same as before. For AltaUserPoints I ported the old AlphaUserPoints integration.

EasySocial and JomSocial have new stunning activity streams!

That's right! the code was re-written from the ground up and you can see them here:



In addition to being responsive, you also get video playback and custom fields in the stream.

The integration for these extensions also includes system and email alerts.

Make sure you use these extensions functionality to scan for rules for alerts, achievements, privacy, etc. The same for AltaUserPoints. Then you can configure those directly within those extensions.


Change in settings name requires ACTION!

The first official community integration written ages ago was for JomSocial, and some of the settings in the system were named _jomsocial, even though they are used for all the integrations. These were renamed, so you need to go back to the Configuration / Community tab and re-select the activity settings for listings, reviews, etc. Whether you want them for new submissions, updates, likes, unlikes, and so on.

Joomla 4 compatible

This version also works with the current Joomla 4 beta. You shouldn't use Joomla 4 on a production site!

There are many bug fixes and improvements in these updates, so make sure you visit the changelogs

Make sure you update all Add-ons in addition to JReviews!

Have a nice weekend and take care!



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