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Amazon Product Advertising API Integration


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We publish book reviews on our website. So far, our reviewers have always had to manually enter details such as book title, publisher, author, ect into the JReviews mask.

To make this work automatically, I developed this addon. You can use it for free.

With this unofficial addon you have to do is fill out the Amazon ASIN in a JReviews field. Using this ASIN number, the addon automatically imports the following fields to your listing fields:

- Author of the book
- Title of the book
- Publishing company
- Release date
- ISBN number
- Price

The addon also saves the cover of the book in a folder of your choice.

How it works:

1. Install the addon (ZIP file) via the JReviews Add-on Manager.
2. The addon "AMAZON PRODUCT API INTEGRATION" can be found in JReviews in the area ADD-ONS.
2.1. Enter your Amazon API access data and your partner ID there.
2.2. Enter the Amazon Top Level Domain and the Region
2.3. Enter the directory in which the Amazon images are to be saved. >> Save
2.4. In the JReviews Field Manager, create the fields that are to be filled by the addon.
2.5. Enter these fields in the appropriate place in the addon. >> Save.

Important: The addon will not work without the ASIN field.

If a valid ASIN number is entered in the ASIN field in a field group and this is saved, the other fields specified in the addon are filled in automatically.

Note on the price display:
The addon imports the price that was valid at the time of import. If you want to always have the current price displayed, create a banner field with the following content:

$asin = $CustomFields->fieldValue('jr_amazoncurrentprice',$entry); // Please enter your price field
$access_key = "XXXXXXXXXX"; // Please enter your API KEY
$secret_key = "XXXXXXXXXX"; // Please enter your API Secret
$associate_tag = "XXXXXXX"; // Please enter your Partner ID
$country = "de"; // Please enter the Amazon Top Level Domain
$amzregion = "eu-west-1"; // Please enter the Amazon Region
 require_once PATH_ROOT."/components/com_jreviews_addons/amazonproductapiintegration/amzapi/amazon5.php";

return $ama_preis;

I am not a programmer. I created the addon with a little help from Alejandro and the Try and Error method. If you want to use the addon, you do so at your own risk. There is no support from me either. Of course, requests can be made. An infinite amount of data can be imported via the Amazon API using the ASIN number. Currently I have only integrated the queries relevant to me. So, if you need more data, just answer to this post and I will check from time to time if I can implement it.

Please also keep in mind:
If you edit and save an existing entry, the fields defined in the addon will be overwritten when you save the listing as soon as an ASIN number is entered.

I am using the new Amazon Product Advertising API 5.0.

Thanks to Alejandro for teaching and helping me ?


Settings | Example Affiliate Box | Example Amazon Fields in Jreviews | Example ASIN Field in JReviews


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