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JReviews is now avaiable


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Hi there! 

We've got the first round of releases this year with not only JReviews receiving an update, but also many of the Add-ons also have maintenance updates for bug fixes and to support some of the changes in JReviews. As usual, you can find the complete list of changes in the changelogs

I'll be updating the documentation with the new developer filters in the next few days and there may be another update next week to fix any immediate issues found with this release.


The most important additions and changes for JReviews:

New sign-up modal for guests

Shown when buttons that require registration are clicked. For example, favorites, claims, inquiries (when using the new access settings in this version), MyLists and EngageUsers follow.


There's also a developer filter signup_modal_benefits_desc for this feature that allows you to easily modify the text "As a member, you get access to more features.". Of course, there's also a language string, but the filter provides more flexibility. Below you can see some sample code:

function signup_modal_benefits_desc($html)
	echo $html;
		<li>Save favorites</li>
		<li>Send inquiries</li>
		<li>Follows and seach alerts</li>

Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('signup_modal_benefits_desc', 'signup_modal_benefits_desc', 10);

This hasn't been added to the documentation yet, but I will do it in the next few days, along with some of the other new filters.

New Listing Type Language Strings

A lot of new strings have been added to the Language tab in listing types, so you can easily override the text without even having to make changes to language files.

New Send Inquiry Access Setting

Although it's already possible to limit the send inquiry button usage for registered users using a developer filter, now you can also do it via Access Settings, where you'll find the new option in the Listing tab. The feature is also available at the Listing Type level so you can have different behavior by listing type.

New developer filters ‘community_screenname’, ‘community_avatar’ and ‘community_profile_preview_attributes’

These filters give you control over the output of the user's name in listings, reviews, and pretty much everywhere in JReviews. You can see one example of their usage below where we hide the output for specific user IDs. You can also use it to change the output to something else.

 * Hide name and avatar for specific users
function hide_user($output, $params)
	$hideUserIds = [31,33,37];

	if ( in_array($params['entry']['User']['user_id'], $hideUserIds)) 
		return '';

    return $output;

Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('community_avatar', 'hide_user', 20);

Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('community_screenname', 'hide_user', 20);

Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('community_profile_preview_attributes', 'hide_user', 20);

New Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card developer filters

For Facebook Open Graph: `open_graph_tags_before_parse` and `open_graph_tags_after_parse`

For Twitter Cards: `twitter_cards_before_parse` and `twitter_cards_after_parse` 

These filters allow you to programmatically change the tags so you have more control over them. They receive an array of current tags, along with the second parameter array which contains the current listing info.

Moderation emails are now wrapped in the email layout for templating

There's a little known feature in JReviews, that allows wrapping all email notifications sent by JReviews in a layout. Until now, this was only possible for front-end emails, but it has been extended to the emails sent through moderation in the administration. To use this feature, you just have to modify the following theme file (and place it in overrides in your custom theme):





If you are using EngageUsers, the Add-on has a separate email layout file found here:


I've also been working on a new PeepSo Add-on for JReviews WordPress that enables the community integration with PeepSo to link names to profiles, display avatars and JReviews post activities to the PeepSo Stream. This is looking great and should be out soon! You can see a teaser below with the bottom-right showing the mobile responsive view.




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