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Hide administrators user profile?


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Hi Alejandro,

I have set up so that all users must submit a profile before being allowed to submit regular listings as per this code and do not want to create a separate category for administrators which in turn will show admin profiles and categories in all related modules, search, advanced search, directories etc... Doing so as administrator and now having to submit a profile, my help and faq listing type articles are setup as jreviews listings with admin only submit access that have to be submitted through the front end. Is there a way to exclude administrators profiles from the entire site lists and search without having to create custom where or exclusions for everything individually?

Basically how do you block view access to an admin user group profile once from the entire site and search?

Was thinking:
a custom detail page with a conditional for all content but don't want this profile to show in search results even if content is blocked.
a complete separate category and block category, menu items etc.. with permissions but admin profile type would still show in the registration account type selection on registration page.
a conditional within the code, linked above, that is used to prevent regular submissions until profile is submitted so that only user groups less than administrator has to submit profile first so there is no admin profile. Not sure this can be done within a function.

Probably making this to difficult, just looking for some ideas or direction as best practices.


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