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Photos import - main media / cover

Rik Brown

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I just did a mass import of cover photos for many sites in a restaurant chain. I had set all of those to be "Main Media" and "Cover" on the import.

The import worked great but I found that I now have a newer and an older "main media"/"cover" image (two different images) for each location.

I guess that I wrongly assumed that there could only be one main media / cover image per listing and so the older, prior image would somehow be changed to a gallery image.

I see that in our jos_jreviews_media table that there is a "media_function" field that has the options for "cover" or "logo" and it appears if that field is null then the image becomes a gallery image. Also, the main_media field is 0 or 1.

So would it cause any problem to simply change the older images media_function to null and the main_media field to zero?

Thanks. -- Rik

PS: In the future, I'd like to write a routine to clean out such files both in the table and on disk. Can I simply delete them from the jos_jreviews_media table if I can likewise find them on disk and delete them there as well? Or are there other tables that I need to consider?

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