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Stunning card layouts extended to Listings Module/Widget


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New versions of JReviews, EngageUsers and AMP Add-ons were released today with some exciting changes. As usual you can get a detailed list of changes in the product changelog.

JReviews update

  • As promised, the new card layouts have been extended to Listings Module/Widgets. And not only that. They are also available in Listing Type Related Listing Widgets and Listings Shortcodes.
  • Banner positions have been added to the listings list card layout, so you can add a banner as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or last card. For more information read the documentation on using these custom module positions. The blogview layout also got a 4th and last position banner with this update.
  • Default logo images for listing headers which can be set globally and per listing type.
  • ‘Category’ filter added to related listing custom field.
  • The reviews module/widget has new settings to toggle display of reviewer and created date.
  • New ‘Update Listing Modified Date on New Review’ setting to allow disabling the default behavior of updating the listing’s modified date on new reviews.

Below you can see the output of the listings module using the vertical card layout.


To give this feature a more prominent space in the JReviews dashboard, there's a new Layout Customizer section where you can quickly access the Listings List and Listings Module (Joomla) / Listings Widget (WordPress) customizers as seen in the following image:


EngageUsers update

The activity stream or activity feed has been improved and can now also show listing and review custom fields that are enabled to display in list view. You can see examples of the activity stream in the Joomla and WordPress demo sites:

I also updated the card layout blog post to reflect the new functionality.

Enjoy the update!


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