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New beautiful masonry card layout available in JReviews 3.6 update


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I just pushed out a new minor update to JReviews 3.6 with many layout improvements and fixes for reported issues. As usual, you can read all the details in the changelogs. There are also maintenance updates for GeoMaps, MapsPro, MyLists, AMP, PaidListings and the Stripe Payment Add-ons.

There is one notable thing to mention about this JReviews 3.6 update, and that's the addition of a new "Masonry" setting for the "card" layout and the new "Vertical Card Masonry" default layout. This layout produces a beautiful masonry style output for vertical cards where the height of each card can be different and they are stacked to avoid empty spaces. In the standard, non-masonry layout, each card height will be sized to the tallest card on the page to achieve a nice-consistent look as all the cards are aligned side by side. You can see an example of the Masonry style below and you can start using this right away on your site after you update. Just choose the new "Vertical Card Masonry" layout or update your existing Vertical Card layouts and enable the new Masonry setting.

There's a new blog post on how to start using the new beautiful card layouts for listings.




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