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JReviews 3.6 released with new card layouts for list pages


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I am very happy to announce the immediate availability of JReviews 3.6 for all clients with an active subscription. You can use the remote updater and also download it from the client area.

In addition to JReviews, there are updates available for all Add-ons and iReview. 

JReviews 3.6 includes a new layout system for listing list pages with 3 new layouts: Card with top and side images, Postcard and Poster. It also has some important user interface improvements to form elements, dialogs, and a brand new and shiny administrator interface!

The Add-ons needed to be updated to be able to incorporate them into the new Admin interface.

iReview was updated to set the default HTML tag font-size to 16px, which is also the browser and Bootstrap 4 default. This font-size is used as the base for many dimensions in JReviews 3.6 so it's an important update. 

In addition to the existing four (blogview, tableview, thumbview, and masonry). JReviews 3.6 also has has some improvements to masonry and thumbview so the images extend to the card edges. It also has a complete overhaul of the comparison dashboard widget which not only looks amazing, but now also works on mobile.


You can see examples of the new listing list layouts on the demo site:

Vertical https://demo.jreviews.com/city-guide/restaurants

Horizontal https://demo.jreviews.com/recipes/salads

Poster https://demo.jreviews.com/movies/action-movies

Postcard https://demo.jreviews.com/classifieds/real-estate/apartments

All of these layouts are further customizable so you can change the width of the cards, image width / aspect ratio, and more. To do this you'll use the new Layout Customizer in the Configuration menu to create new layout variations based on the defaults.


You can use the layouts from the Layout Customizer in different places:

1. The Category Layout Manager in the Configuration Menu, visible in the above image, below the Layout Customizer menu.

2. In the Configuration Settings / List Page tab 


3. In listing list menus ( most recent, top rated, custom list, etc.)

4. In the Configuration Settings / Search tab, to set the layout used for search results.

Most of these settings existed before, but they will now be populated with the new layouts created in the Layout Customizer, in addition to the default card layouts ( Card, Postcard, Poster ).

This is just a summary of the most exciting changes. You can find all the changes for all products in the changelogs.

I hope you enjoy this update!



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