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Using the Fields Module in a Nice Way

Michael Pusch

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I got a nice implementation of the jreviews fields module. Imagine you have big business directory and you want to use the fields module with a drill option to let the user choose first the state and than one of the regions in this state. If you place it in the sidebar you have diffences in desktop and mobile view and the module appears in different locations on the screen. If you place it above the content the site description isn't readable without scrolling.

The only 3rd party plugin that you need for my suggestion is modules anywhere from Regular Labs:


With this plugin you can place a module wherever you want, and I place the fields module at first below the joomla category description:



Than you go to the fields seo manager and insert the module in the field description:


To prevent showing the module in other areas you set it without any position:


Thats all :-)

Now your users can choose in the category page the state and will go to the field seo page (tag page) with the same module and can choose the region .





The only little issue is, that it is not possible to change the module layout in the module. Horizontal display is in three colums and this is the same in the mobile layout. To choose the tag layout is here the better way, I think.


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