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XT Search for Algolia and JReviews


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The team at Extly recently added support for JReviews in their XT Search for Algolia solution which includes Autocomplete and Instant Search, along with full control over the look, feel and relevance. With this solution you now have even more options related to search for your site, in addition to those that come with JReviews. XT Search is also able to search in Joomla core and other extensions the results appear pretty fast!

They just updated their demo to include JReviews. View the Extly demo

Extly is offering a deal for JReviews clients for a 10 % discount on XT Search for Algolia - Extly Club. Use the JREV10EXT coupon code during checkout.

If you have questions about the features or functionality of XT Search and JReviews, please contact Extly directly as they will be able to better answer your questions. 



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