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New & FREE TrustedUsers Add-on released


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A client recently requested the ability to allow designated users to bypass the moderation settings. I decided to take it a bit further and made into an Add-on with a few more features. The Add-on is build entirely using developer filters in JReviews 3 and it should serve as a great reference if you are looking to create your own customizations with filters and a few settings.

I've been meaning to write a tutorial blog post showing how to do this, but have not found the time. So instead I decided to package it and release the Add-on for free. To make it even more valuable, I also added an "earned trust" feature which lets you set a published threshold for specific activities and if the user meets the threshold, his submission will be published right away. So for example, if you set the listings threshold to 5. When a user submits a listing, if he already has 5 or more published listings, his new listing will be automatically published.

For now, the current features will remain as they are because in order to stay free, the functionality must also remain lean.

I am tagging it as Beta in the JReviews App Store because I didn't have enough time to test it thoroughly. If you find any issues, please let me know by replying below. Once there are enough reports I'll update it, but it should be working fine for the most part ?

Below you can see a screenshot of the Add-on settings





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