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Default Easysocial Avatar not shown when using shortcodes


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I am using the following shortcode in an article (and numerous other places)
[jreviews type="listings" listing="924" summary="1" editor_rating="0" extension="com_easysocial" tn_size="200x200" tmpl_suffix="_teachers"]

The issue that I am getting is that when the user is assigned a default easysocial avatar on registration, the shortcodes do not show that avatar. If the avatar is specifically uploaded by the user then that avatar will show.

If I don't assign a default avatar on registration and turn on the Easysocial option "Named Based Pictures for Users Without Picture," the avatar is still not shown ( I registered a new user and created a new listing to test this).

If this is expected behaviour, could you perhaps point me in the direction of the relevant file that controls this behaviour?

I first discovered the issue with Easysocial 2.2.4 and JReviews
I was able to replicate the problem using Easysocial 2.2.7 and JReviews
In both cases I was using Everywhere Addon v.
Joomla version was 3.8.12

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