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Is there a way to show the ReviewMe app for Easysocial on the about page rather than the timeline?

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I've installed the ReviewMe app in conjunction with the Everywhere addon. When loading the Easysocial profile, the Reviewme app appears on the timeline page.


Is it possible to have it display on the About page instead? I've played around with the configuration options, but can't seem to find anything relevant. Below is my current configuration options.easysocial-reviewme-configuration-2018-11-27_14-18-11.thumb.jpg.7f9a8e3e8d9937c5dd859b2567ef7669.jpg

If it can't be done in the settings, could you perhaps point me in the direction of the file responsible for it?


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It looks like I've worked it out.

I've added the following code

<?php echo $this->render('widgets', 'user', 'profile', 'aboveStream', array($user)); ?>

to file components/com_easysocial/themes/wireframe/profile/about/default.php

The ReviewMe app will now display on the about page.


To remove the ReviewMe app from the timeline page.

comment out the code as shown below

<?php //echo $this->render('widgets', 'user', 'profile', 'aboveStream', array($user)); ?>

in the file html/components/com_easysocial/themes/wireframe/profile/default/default.php


Of course, I will do this all properly later using overrides 😉

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