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Michael Pusch

Using Jreviews as a powerfull article system

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If you don't want to use Jreviews "only" as a review site with user generated content rather additional as an article system there is one things that make this very laborious.

Most time I spend with the work on inserting pictures in the article. It would be a very nice feature to have more possibilities to do that.

I don't know what is the best way to do that, but if you insert a picture in the article those things would be very awesome:

- The picture shouldn't appear in the gallery (Contact sheet or film strip) when inserted in the article.

- The picture description should be shown as a capture under the picture

- The picture should have the option to show with or without the lightbox on click.

- To insert a picture an editor-button would be cool, that lists all pictures loaded up in this listing and you can easy choose the preferred.

I know, that is a feature request for the far future. But I think it would be another powerful revaluation for jreviews and users can profit from this features.

I generate an example page with pictures and caption here:

Eventually someone has other ideas in this direction and we can collect them in this thread for Alejandro, who is sitting with twisting eyes when reading this. 😀


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