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the links on the buttons do not work in AMP mode.

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I can see the issue, but don't believe it's the add-on causing it. The add-on creates a layout that is better optimized for AMP, but you still have an AMP plugin doing all sorts of things to make the page source meet the AMP validation requirements. It looks like one of the things it's doing is removing the "href" attribute from hyperlink tag when you have an image inside of it. That's why the other links work and these don't. Maybe there is a setting you can change in the plugin to prevent this from happening and if not, please ask the developer of the plugin about it. If there's something that has to change in JReviews I can also look into it. The other altenative is for you to modify the output of the fields for AMP pages. This is covered in "3.2.2 Changing the output of custom fields for AMP pages" in the manual. Then you can try to output a  regular URL on AMP and leave the default output on non-AMP pages.

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Thanks for the update. You can also try a similar output in a regular Joomla article that doesn't use JReviews, so we can determine without a doubt if this is related to the add-on or the AMP plugin.

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