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JReviews 3.1 Beta 2 released


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Today I am very happy to let you know that JReviews 3.1 Beta 2 has been released and is available via download and remote updates. Most bug fixes included were also present in JReviews 3.0 and a new update of 3.0 has also been released. The only bug specific to 3.1 was related to media uploads not working on some servers.

Just a quick reminder of new features in JReviews 3.1 in case you missed the last announcement.

  • Local audio and video encoding through FFMPEG which must be installed on your server.
  • Local storage capability for audio and videos whether encoded locally encoded through one of the three integrated 3rd party encoding services.
  • Remote storage using Rackspace Files or DigitalOcean Spaces, in addition to Amazon S3
  • Twitch embedding of videos and clips

Please refer to the changelogs for the complete list of fixes for both JReviews 3.0 and 3.1.



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