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Similar to the Community Builder Progress Field: https://www.joomlapolis.com/addons/cb-progress-field

As websites that implement Jreviews tend to rely on users submitting listings, I'd like to suggest a listing progress field similar to those you may find on message boards. This will indicate that a listing is not 100% complete and still has missing field values and media items. I believe a visual aid such as this would encourage owners to complete their listings.

I can see this being very useful for Jreviews sites with many listings and lots of field groups.

The settings for the plugin would allow admin to select whether to view the progress field on the frontend or solely in a module / menu item displayable solely to the owner.


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Hey there,

You can mange this in a simple way.. for example:

So lets say you have some fields:   jr_textfieldname, jr_textareafield, main_image, jr_checkboxfieldname etc

first you can check if the specified fields you are mentioning are empty or not and you can do it this way: 

<?php echo $CustomFields->fieldValue('r_textfieldname',$listing); ?>

<?php $textfieldname =  $CustomFields->fieldValue('r_textfieldname',$listing);?>

<?php if empty($textfieldname): ?>

Text Field Name is EMPTY

<?php endif ?>

You can do this for all the fields which are important to you... and put the results in a




to generate the line bar then u have to count all the fields u want - filled fields and generate a % from where you can echo it to the chart width...

Well this is an idea which actually works very well, probably some other guys can give you another shorter method




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