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New JReviews 3 update adds consent checkbox to forms


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New privacy consent settings are now available in JReviews 3 allowing you to quickly enable a consent checkbox in all user-facing forms (listings, reviews, review comments, owner replies, reports, claims, inquiries, , listing resources, etc.). You can customize the checkbox text, validation message when the checkbox is not selected, and whether to show the box for admins and when updating an entry. It's also possible to disable the storage of user IP address. The privacy setting is disabled by default and can be found under JReviews Configuration / Standard Fields.


This update also adds front-end review delete functionality. The review delete setting is disabled by default and can be enabled by user group from Access Settings / Reviews. It's also available as an override for each listing type.


These features were developed using the new dev tools included in JReviews 3, making it easier and faster to implement them. A lot of new filters were added to be able to add the checkbox in all the forms, process the checkbox validation and remove ip adddress data before save. You can also use these filters now for your own development and customizations. Make sure you check the updated list of filters in the documentation.


In addition to the JReviews 3 update, there are also maintenance releases for PaidListings and UserProfiles to fix a few reported bugs. ListingResources was also updated to incorporate the privacy consent checkbox.


The latest JReviews version is available as a download through the client area and via remote updates through the JReviews admin dashboard. The add-ons are available through remote updates only.


You can find the complete list of changes in the changelogs.

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