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Quick2Cart Add-on discontinued and open-sourced


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It is not easy to discontinue a product so doing this required a lot of deliberation. The Quick2Cart Add-on was first introduced in 2014 as a way to integrate e-commerce functionality into JReviews. The Add-on didn't have any e-commerce features, but integrated with the Quick2Cart component from Techjoomla which offered an API to do this.


However, since launch add-on sales have represented a minuscule percentage of sales (less than 0.5%) while having a disproportionate percentage of support requests, which in the majority of cases we could not properly support because the issues weren't in the Add-on but in the Quick2Cart component.


The Quick2Cart Add-on hasn't receive any important updates for over a year and continues to work as it did in the beginning.


For the above reasons we are discontinuing development for the Add-on. We'll continue providing support for existing clients until the end of February and we've also made the decision to open source the code in case someone else wants to continue its development. The open source version of the Add-on can be found on Github: Quick2Cart Add-on Github.



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