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Select user or listings from a formbuilder field ?

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I was thinking out some idea of a "history list" i wanted to make. On a UserProfile i can include a list of actions they contributed to another listing (manuall adding entries).

I have been reading about no possibility to include the userid on listing submit ( https://forum.jreviews.com/topic/29347-passed-listing-id-and-owner-id-to-ajax-function) and i know a formfield is unable to contain other jreviews fields or perform a search (documentation).

So at the moment, i assume, there is no way to include a 'select field' which contains listings from certain listing types or categories to include. Is that something which might be possible in the future or is that a 100% no go ? 



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The situation remains the same now as it was on that post. If you already know that you want the list limited to specific listing type or categories without being dependent on anything else you could generate the list yourself through a PHP script and load it in FormBuilder. Of course, that's not necessarily enough. If you get that working and you store the ID, then you need to also implement a solution to parse that information in the output by loading the listing information again for the selected IDs.


I am not planning on doing any further development for this right now. Meaning I can't make any promises as to if and when things could change.

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