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PaidListings 2.8 Beta and Stripe Payments Add-on released!

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I am very excited to announce the release of the latest version of PaidListings. The most important change in this version is the introduction of the underlying framework to be able to more easily support the development of API-based payments in the checkout flow. This was a pretty huge undertaking and opens the door for more integrations going forward.


Due to the considerable amount of code changes, this is being released as a beta version. If you have made any customizations to PaidListings or have implemented your own payment handlers, then you should test the upgrade on a development site first and make sure you bring all of your code up to date.


Stripe Payments Add-on


Taking advantage of the new capabilities in PaidListings 2.8 we are also releasing the first API-based integration with Stripe. This integration works with both single-payment and subscription plans.


If you already have PaidListings you can purchase the Stripe Payments Add-on in the client area. You need to have the latest version of JReviews installed in order to upgrade to PaidListings 2.8. Also Remember that in order to see and install beta versions you need to check the "beta" box in the remote install & updates screen within the JReviews dashboard.


Please report any issues with the beta through the ticket system so we can fix them asap.


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