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JReviews update released, PHP 7.1 compatibility


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I just released JReviews v, a minor update to fix a few issues found since the latest release. Also in this update a nice slide effect for the mobile version of adv. filtering (see below) and also compatibility with PHP 7.1 (keep reading below).




If you are wondering where the search input for the actors filter is coming from, this is a recent addition and you can add it to your own filters by using the option_search="1" attribute.


Steps for upgrading to PHP 7.1

  • Find out if all the 3rd party solutions you use are compatible with PHP 7.1
  • Backup your site or use a development site
  • Download JReviews from the client area
  • Switch your server to PHP 7.1
  • In Joomla, install the s2framework component and the JReviews php 7.1 package through the extensions manager. No need to uninstall first.
  • In WordPress uninstall both s2framework and JReviews plugins, and reinstall via the Plugins manager.
  • If you have any add-ons installed, you need to delete them from the Add-on Manager and re-install again through the remote installer. This will ensure you get the PHP 7.1 version of the add-ons and you won't lose settings or data when you uninstall them because these are stored in the database.

This version is also now available for download in the client area and as usual, you can refer to the changelogs for a complete list of changes.

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