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I want to let you know that starting today and until further notice, the JReviews staff has been reduced from a team of two to a team of one (just me). I am still fully committed to this project so you can be certain that I will continue working hard so JReviews remains the best and most complete directory and reviews solution for your site.


Unfortunately, this turn of events also means that the long-awaited release of the Mobile App is now on hold. Since I wasn’t directly involved with the development of the Mobile App, which is still incomplete, I also don’t have the development experience needed to be able to swiftly finish the job. Trying to get up to speed while continuing to work on all other areas would also take too much time. I know this must be a big disappointment if you were counting on the App being released soon because I feel exactly the same way. I will need time to evaluate the options to move forward and will do my best to bring this project to fruition. As you can understand, I am not able to provide any sort of estimate on when that may happen.


Thank you for your understanding and your continued support. Handling support and development for such a complex suite of products is a difficult job, so if you find that getting answers to your questions is taking longer than usual I appreciate your patience.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly through the ticket system or the contact us form.



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