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Advanced Filtering for Reviews is now available!


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This past December we released the long-awaited Listings Advanced Filtering functionality to critical acclaim! Today we are releasing a new JReviews update with Reviews Advanced Filtering. After you update you'll find the new Reviews Advanced Filtering module in Joomla and widget in WordPress. You'll be able to create your own custom filtering form in the same way you do it for listings filtering by adding the shortcode filters for each of your review custom fields.




The reviews filtering functionality has a couple of different modes. In listing detail pages, it will filter the user reviews for the current listing so you can find specific reviews just for that listing. In other pages, it will filter the user reviews from the whole site based on your filtering criteria. 


We've added a new type of menu for displaying the sitewide review results so if you are going to use this feature, make sure you also create this menu because JReviews will use the menu alias for the results URL.


Like Listings Advanced Filtering, the new reviews filtering also has live updates feature so it can display new filtering results without reloading the entire page. We've received many feature requests for filtering both via the forum and ticket system and we'll continue making improvements to the functionality as time permits. 


In addition to reviews filtering, we made it possible to use theme suffixes for the inquiries email theme file and also changed the timing of the new review notification to listing owners, so moderated reviews only send out a notification to the listing owner when the review is approved.


There are several other bug fixes and improvements in this release, so make sure you check the changelog.


GeoMaps and UserProfile Add-ons also have updates. In GeoMaps we fixed a browser memory leak when using ajax pagination and live updates filtering on list pages with maps. In UserProfiles, we fixed a redirect loop when using JFBConnect to login in the UserProfiles sign-up page.


If your upgrades are active, you can upgrade right now from the remote updates page in the JReviews administration. We'll be making the JReviews download package available in the next few days.


I forgot to mention that there's also a bug-fix release update for iReview in both Joomla and WordPress. So make sure you also check the changelog for those!

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